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Pink BlackBerry Curve 3G hits the UK, while Amosu crafts a gold Torch 9800

If you are a RIM fan living in the UK, then we just might have the perfect present for your girlfriend – the pink BlackBerry Curve 3G. The gold Torch 9800 is also worth a look, but it’s surely not your common St. Valentine’s gift.

We have never been fans of those pink phones, but you got to admit there are lots of women out there dying to own pinkish gadgets. It seems RIM has taken seriously that fact and it will launch a pink Curve 3G for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. The pink Curve 3G will hit the Carephone Warehouse on 8 February and will cost you £200 on Pay As You Go plan (it’s free on contract).

In other news, Alexander Amosu offers an 18K gold version of BlackBerry Torch 9800. If you can shell out $12,000 on a Torch (be it from gold or not), you’ll get a choice of yellow, pink or rose gold-plated phone. If that’s not enough for you, you are welcome to add a few diamonds and choose between a python or a crocodile case.

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