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picplz to shut down permanently on July 3

By now you may have heard about or used the picplz service. They had mobile apps on iOS and Android that allowed you to capture, edit and upload image on to their servers. From there the users had the option to share the image to other social networking services.

picplz has now announced that it will be shutting down permanently on July 3. Their iOS and Android apps have also been pulled from the App Store and the Play Store respectively.

If you uploaded any pictures using their service, now would be a good time to download them as they will be all be deleted once they shut down on July 3. Unfortunately, users are reporting that the process is not easy, as there is no option to download all the images at once, so you will have to download them individually.

The death of services like picplz could be attributed to the ever growing popularity of Instagram. With the release of their Android app, it seems there really is no reason left for users to use any other service.



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