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Photographer uses the G3 to snap pics of an active Volcano

In an “explosive” (see what we did there?) PR stunt, LG commissioned Jung-won Park to take some photographs of an active volcano.

The catch was, he had to snap the pics using the LG G3′s smartphone camera.

Along for the ride was adventure movie maker Geoff Mackley. The main point of this expedition was LG’s chance to brag about the G3′s camera, but they also managed to highlight some other features of G3 as well.

The set up for the video requires a lot of faith from the audience, expecting viewers to believe that the photographer and videographer met up “by chance.” It doesn’t change the fact that they did manage to capture some amazing shots, that the footage itself came out really cool, and that these guys were actually near an active volcano.

You can check out the video of the journey below. It’s filled with some wonderful imagery and is a pretty cool production.

Does seeing any of this inspire you to go and get yourself a G3? You can check out our review of the device here, in case you were thinking about forking over your hard-earned cash for one.

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