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Photo shows iPhone 6 in its retail box [UPDATE]

We’ve seen plenty of dummies now here’s a photo of an Apple iPhone 6 in a retail box. We only see part of the box but it looks like the standard Apple retail box.

The box just says “iPhone 6,” contrary to past rumors of switching to “Air” as the name for the new iPhone (following the iPad’s example)

Also the phone is face down, meaning it could be another dummy, but it has the proper FCC labels on the back. Previous leaked photos had no labels so there’s a decent chance this is the real deal. Unfortunately the logo isn’t glowing, so we can’t confirm that rumor.

This photo also gives us no information on the size of the phone but with prevalent rumors of a 4.7″ screen we doubt it will be anything else.

The latest rumor claims the Apple iPhone 6 will be unveiled on September 15 and with what looks like a legit retail box the official launch can’t be far off.

Update: As Dean Newell points out in the comments, this is probably a photo of this externally-convincing iPhone 6 knock-off (which has the box, FCC labels and everything).

Thanks to Marcus for sending this in!



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