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Pebble unveils Time Steel at the MWC, backers get the option to upgrade

The Pebble team is playing Kickstarter like a fiddle – just as the campaign was losing steam after the explosive growth of the first 24 hours, the Pebble Time Steel was announced. This should inject the campaign with a fresh dose of enthusiasm, but will also draw in people who were holding out for the inevitable all-metal version.

Current backers needn’t be jealous though, they have the option to upgrade to the Time Steel if they are okay with the price premium.

On Kickstarter the metal-clad watch goes for $250 (up from $180 for the regular version), but will eventually cost $300 in retail.

The new body is made of 316L stainless steel and switches out the regular wristband for a more premium leather or stainless steel one. Note that this one heavier and 1mm thicker, but it gets you 10 days of battery life instead of 7 days on the regular Pebble Time.

There are three color options that are roughly identical to those of the regular Time. There’s a Silver body with Stone leather wristband, Gunmetal black with Black leather and Gold with Red leather. All Pebble Time Steel watches will also get a matching metal band in the box, which does help to justify the price.

The Pebble team says that if you upgrade you get to keep your spot in line, however the Steel will ship in July, while the earliest Pebble Time units will ship out in May.

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