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Pebble now available on Amazon in the US, gets a $20 Black Friday discount

The Kickstarter funded Pebble smartwatch, which went on to be a big hit, is now available on Amazon in the US. The watch was originally available through the website but later hit retail stores in the US. Now, you can also purchase the watch from Amazon for $148.99 in black, gray, orange, red and white.

That’s not all; Pebble is also offering a $20 discount if you order the watch from its online store, which almost covers the $25 shipping charge if you are outside the US. But the offer is only valid till today so make sure you hurry.

The smartwatch category is still in its infancy and we are yet to see its true potential but if you want to get in on the bandwagon early, the Pebble is the best you can get right. Shame it still looks a bit like a plastic toy.



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