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PC vs Mac turf wars are back

Looks like Microsoft isn’t interested in taking the high road, and are launching a new set of PC vs Mac advertisements.

In the 3 ads, MS compares its Surface Pro 3 to the Macbook Air.

Microsoft has even gone so far as to shoot the commercials in a style similar to Apple’s own Mac vs PC ads from a few years ago. The ads focus on the Surface’s touchscreen and Surface Pen as selling points over the Macbook Air. The commercials also boast about the multi-tasking, full computing skills of the Surface, which displays Microsoft’s tablet/computer/laptop device as a sleeker, more effective tool than Apple’s Macbook razor thin laptop.

It’s interesting to see that Microsoft has decided to pit itself against the competition directly in the new ads, as opposed to its earlier direction, which focused solely on how the Surface could replace users’ laptops. That credo is still present at the end of the advertisements, but not without MS first asserting some computational dominance over Apple’s offering.

What do you think of the Surface’s ads? Do you think features like a touchscreen and Surface Pen are enough to convince consumers to pick the device over the Macbook Air? Or do you think that Microsoft has its work cut out for them, and the ads will fall on blind eyes and deaf ears?

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