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Pacific Rim game arrives on iOS and Android

Warner Bros. Pictiures’ epic giant monster vs. giant robot action movie Pacific Rim released in theaters this week. As has often become the case these days, a movie tie-in game is not far behind thus we now have the Pacific Rim game on iOS and Android.

Developed by the Indian company Reliance Games, the Pacific Rim game is naturally based on the movie and brings some of the robot vs. monster action to the small screen.

If you were expecting some original gameplay, however, you are going to be in for some disappointment. Although the game lets you choose from five different robots, known as jaegers, and the visuals seem pretty decent, the gameplay is a clone of the screen swiping and the occasional pressing of buttons on the side to dodge action that we first saw in Infinity Blade almost three years ago and in several other games over the years, including Batman: Arkham City Lockdown and Man of Steel. Although it does seem appropriate here but the lack of novelty is sure to bore you quickly.

The Pacific Rim game is available on the App Store and the Play Store for a steep $4.99. Personally, it doesn’t seem like something I’d spend five bucks on.

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