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Ovi Maps 3.06 beta now lets you download maps directly to your phone

Ovi Maps has an upcoming update – v3.06 – which is still in beta. Nokia is still working on it and they’ve reported a few improvements – the most notable change is that you can now download maps for offline usage directly on the device (without having to use the Ovi Suite on the computer)…

This new feature is called Update and lets you download country maps on the phone over Wi-Fi. It’s a convenient feature – before, you either had to use Ovi Suite or manually browsing over the areas you want (so that Ovi Maps will cache the data).

The rest of the changes are mostly cosmetic – the old My Position and Search have been combined to into the Map option. It remembers the old map position viewed. A Back button has been added to Favorites, a tap and hold brings up delete and edit in collections & routes.

Anyway, those are only the most recent improvements to Ovi Maps 3.06. The improvements already in place include new maps (with public transport lines), pinch zoom (for Symbina^3 only) and others. Check out the full list here.



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