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Our blog gets a mobile version, give it a try

Mobile versions are what we do this month and now it’s our blog’s turn to get smartphone-friendly. We put a lot of effort in that one too and now we feel it’s ready to make its official debut.

Our main goal when designing the mobile version of the was to reduce the data needed to load it and improve its loading speed without sacrificing any of the functionality. Good performance and intuitive navigation were also high on our priority list.

You can check out what we came up with by following this link. The blog won’t auto-detect your mobile device, so please use this link directly to access it whenever you need it. We haven’t stopped the development and we are still working to implement new features in the mobile versions of both the blog and the main website.

In the twenty days since we launched the mobile version of our main site, it gained a solid user base and it’s currently getting over 140,000 visits and nearly 500,000 hits per day.

We hope that those of you with a smartphone will feel just as comfortable in the mobile version of our blog. We got quite a lot of valuable feedback from you since then and we tried to put it to good use here.

So, please keep the feedback coming. Tell us what you like and what you hate about the mobile blog and share the features you would like to see implemented in the future. We’ll do our best to take care of as much of it as possible.


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