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OTTO is a hacker-friendly GIF camera

Want to make a GIF image without fussing about on your computer?

Then check out OTTO, a little camera powered by Raspberry Pi.

The way it works is through a unique rotating crank mechanism that serves as OTTO’s shutter press. You turn the crank to capture the GIF, and then rotate it back once you’re done and voila! Your GIF is complete.

GIFs aren’t the only thing OTTO is capable of: the tiny little camera that could can also take photo-booth style pictures and time lapses. It also packs different camera modes and filters, so you can add some flair to your photos, Instagram style. You can also customize these modes using OTTO’s paired smartphone app. With the app you can also share the photos that you take on the camera with your phone via WiFi.

So where does the Hacking come in? Well OTTO plays nice with any type of added equipment you’d want to tack onto the camera. A good example of this is FlashyFlash, which can serve as a number of options depending on what electronics you add to it.

You can measure the sound of music and have the decibel count display in your GIF. Want the camera to take a picture at the exact moment you jump up in the air and high five your best friend? You can do that with FlashyFlash, plus you can hack and develop even more things for OTTO, as it is powered by Raspberry Pi.

Any camera-hackers excited to try this out? If so, hit the source link to check out OTTO’s Kickstarter page.



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