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Original white iPhone 4 panels on sale, you better hurry up before the seller goes to jail

An inventive USA teenager has found a way to import to the US lots of original white iPhone 4 panels from Foxconn. He is now selling the complete white conversion kit for 280 US dollars. It’s not cheap, but that’s because it comes with the Retina display included (glued to the front panel) plus you will be one of the very few showing off with original white iPhone 4 – that’s worth something on its own, right?. Just don’t hesitate too long, the guy may soon end up in jail.

The 17-years old student Fei Lam knew some guys in Foxconn, which supplied him with the original white iPhone 4 panels. He made a website to sell them and has been enjoying a thriving business. So far Fei Lam has reportedly earned over 130,000 US dollars – money he intends to use for college.

His business was doing well until recently, when Fei Lam received some threatening letter by a private investigator. He’s been accused of selling “stolen goods”. So far no charges are pressed but Fei Lam intends to get a lawyer and continue with his business.

As you may know the white iPhone 4 is postponed to Spring 2011 and Apple’s already removed it from their Store. If you want a white iPhone 4 really badly, visit Fei Lam’s website and hope he’ll send you the parts before the law enforcement team breaks his door.


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