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Original Samsung Galaxy Gear gets updated to Tizen, now simply Gear

Just as previous announced, Samsung has pushed an update to its original smartwach, the Galaxy Gear that converts it to Tizen and puts it on par with its successors. However, the new operating system (which is simply listed as firmware v2.2 on the Galaxy Gear) introduces little changes to the actual user interface, so you won’t need to get acquainted to it again.

What the update does bring is a standalone music player – so you no longer need your phone when you go out for a run. It will also improve the battery life as Tizen has been found to be easier on the hardware than Android.

To apply the update you’ll need to connect your Gear to your PC and use the Kies software. It will wipe all your data, so make sure to backup any valuable files you might have before proceeding. Once you are done you’ll need to pair your smartphone anew as it will fail to recognize the smartwatch otherwise.



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