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Ultimate Optical Image Stabilization test: HTC One versus Nokia Lumia 920

There are only two smartphones out there to offer optical image stabilization – the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC One we recently met with.

The Lumia 920 employs floating lens technology for the OIS, while HTC One relies on sensor-shift stabilization. Naturally we were interested to find out which one does better and as luck would have we just got to see a real-life comparison of the two systems. The guys from Anandtech were able to pit the two smartphone against each other and shared the results with the rest of us.

As it turns out the output of the two cameras are quite similar with each having an edge in certain parts of the video.

We also got a low-light video sample, compare with the video-recording of the HTC One with the Lumia 920 and iPhone 5.

Here the HTC One clearly managed to expose the scene better, while matching the detail levels of its competitors, but its framaerate tended to drop quite significantly, making parts of the video look pretty choppy.

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