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Oppo pokes fun at ordinary non-rotating cameras in a new commercial

Oppo has been trying to bring something truly innovative to the smartphone world for some time. Among its main accomplishments is the rotating camera, which debuted with the Oppo N1 and went motor-driven on the Oppo N3, something which the company is genuinely proud of.

In a recent commercial, showcasing the N3′s key feature, a crowd of tourists is wreaking havoc in an art gallery, breaking sculptures and stumbling upon other people. All this while trying to capture the artwork on the ceiling of the gallery with their plain non-rotating phone cameras.

It’s a move to stress the actual real-world usability of the Oppo N3 camera, and help people perceive it as more than just a gimmick. So, if you’re headed to the Sistine chapel any day soon, make sure you’re properly equipped.


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