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Opera publishes State of the mobile web monthly report, lost some ground recently; Updated!

Opera’s State of the mobile web report just came in and it says that the world’s most popular web browser lost some users last month. In June 2010, 59.4 million people used Opera Mini, viewing over 27 billion pages.

And while the total number of users is still twice as big as it was in June 2009, it is 3.4 percent lower it was in May. Opera blamed technical and political challenges in some countries for the slight decrease but promised to be back on the right track very soon.

Update: It appears that all the issues are solved as today Opera announced that they are now serving more than 1 billion pages per day to the Mini users. Impressive indeed.

Opera also published some interesting numbers about the growth of their mobile browser in Africa. In one year page views from the Black continent grew more than 180 percent and data consumed surged by 160 percent. Sudan and Ghana were the best performing countries registering user increases of 4,645.6% and 916.5% respectively.

You can find more numbers by following the source link below.



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