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Opera Mobile comes to Android, first beta available within a month

Android 2.2 Froyo comes with arguably the best web browser of all current mobile platforms, but you will hardly be able to tell that if you take a look at the Android Market. There are just so many alternative browsers available that you would think they are the hottest commodity around.

Mind you, I’m not complaining here – competition is a great thing and it’s the users that win the most in the end. That’s why the announcement that Opera is going to release their full-fledged Opera Mobile browser over the coming month is excellent news.

Sure, Opera Mini has been available for a while in the Android Market, but that’s by far not the real deal. Opera Mobile is one of the best mobile browsers available and it will certainly give competitors a run for their money. Even more so considering the new features it will be getting. Opera is promising pinch-zooming and hardware acceleration support (read: even better performance).

Now we wait! The first beta should be available in the next month, which doesn’t sound too bad.



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