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Opera Mini now comes pre-installed on four Samsung feature phones now

Opera Mini is still a wildly popular mobile browser no doubt, but there’s always room for growth. The newest territory that the browser has conquered is a group of Samsung feature phones.

The Samsung Star 3, the Star 3 Duos, the Samsung Champ 2 and the Champ Duos come with Opera Mini out of the box and there will be more to come in 2012.

Sure, Opera Mini is available for smartphones too, but feature phones have always been its stronghold. Opera’s CEO says that feature phones are becoming ever closer to their smarter counterparts thanks to easily accessible, high-speed web browsing.

The speed comes from Opera’s approach of compressing pages before sending them to the Mini browser. Despite seeing competition from the likes of Nokia Browser and Amazon Silk (which do compression magic too), Opera Mini is still the most popular mobile browser with 160 million unique users each month.

Opera Mini users have gobbled up an impressive 1.7 petabytes of compressed data – which uncompressed would have been 12.2 petabytes. Opera puts it in perspective by comparing it to HD-quality video – 200 years worth of it. Note: one petabytes is 1000TB.



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