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Opera launches its own mobile app store, available almost everywhere

Opera is a world leading company in making cross-platform browsers for most mobile and desktop platforms out there. And today Opera officially announced its own mobile app store – called Opera Mobile Store.

Virtually every mobile platform out there now has access to the store, which amounts to over 100 million people. You can go check it out through your mobile device or even through your PC. The current covered countries are 200 (whoa!) and you can count that this is just the beginning.

The platforms covered include Android, Symbian, WebOS, BlackBerry and Java. There’s no iOS support yet. Windows Mobile and Bada share the same fate, but can download Java apps from the Opera Mobile Store.

Opera already has some statistics from the first pre-release month of the Mobile Store. It turns out that the new app market attracted more than 15 million people and some 700,000 downloads per day. Impressive, right?



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