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Opera adds resumable downloads for J2ME and BlackBerry phones with Opera Mini 7.1

The Opera team has a long history of trying to improve the experience on less capable phones and its latest target was the poor file downloading experience on J2ME and BlackBerry phones.

The developers updated Opera Mini to version 7.1, which has a brand new download manager. Its key feature is resumable downloads – something we’ve come to take for granted but doesn’t work on J2ME and BlackBerry phones.

Resumable downloads can be paused and then resumed – which comes in handy when the data connection drops. If that happens, normally you’d have to start the download all over again, but Opera Mini 7.1 will just pick up from where it left off.

Downloaded files can be accessed from the browser on BlackBerry phones and J2ME phones will prompt the user to choose how to open the file (e.g. play it in the media player).



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