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Opera 11 final version now available for download

Today opera released the final version of their latest Opera 11 desktop web browser. Despite introducing lots of cool new features such as tab stacking, extensions and visual mouse gestures it took this version less than a month to graduate from beta.

The key feature brought by Opera 11 is tab stacking allowing better management of your open tabs. All you need to do is drag one tab on top of another to create a new stack.

Next come extensions, which as the name suggests, are nice little plug-ins that extend the functionality of your web browser. Since the release of the Opera 11 beta version more than two million of those have been downloaded.

Mouse gestures (which Opera has been supporting natively for a while now) are also improved and now offer visual mouse gestures. That means you’ll see a colored trace behind your mouse, helping you perform the gestures more accurately.

To get an even better idea of the new browser features check out the following video.

If you are already convinced you can grab Opera 11 from the Norwegians’ web site.



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