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Opera 11.60 is out, you’ll want to use it, because Justin Bieber doesn’t

Today, Opera software released the latest version of its desktop browser. Opera 11.60 brings a few new features to the table, including new HTML5 parsing algorithm, which should help unify code discrepancies among browsers, new email client and improved speeds for SSL sites.

The new Opera browser also comes with a new star button, which lets you quickly add sites you like to your Speed Dial. The address field has been revamped with new search suggestions and you should now be able to find your favorite websites faster. The browser engine saw some updates as well so Opera 11.60 should be the most stable version of the browser so far.

In case you are still in doubt you might want to check the following list of reasons why now is the perfect time to start using Opera, according to its developers:

1. You clean everything to prepare for the holiday, why not your computer?
2. No assembly required; it’s all in the download package.
3. It is free, a deal year-round, rather than a Black Friday doorbuster.
4. Unlike socks, this fits everyone.
5. We tried not to say it, so we misspelled it: IT’S FSAT.
6. Justin Bieber doesn’t use it.
7. It’s supported by science since version 10 (at least):
8. Your kids won’t wake you up at the crack of dawn Christmas morning; they’ll be too busy with the browser.
9. See #6.
10. Your current browser is so fat it can’t slide down the chimney.

Sold already?



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