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Opera 11.5 is out now, few novelties but still a great looker. Opera users are now 200 million.

The Opera browser has received yet another update – version 11.5. Bringing performance updates, widgets for the Speed Dial (like weather), as well as improvements to the Opera Link sync service.

The new “live” Speed Dial means that widgets can be placed where only webpages used to be. So now you can, for example, place a weather widget on a Speed Dial window and it will display weather information for a city of your choice with hourly updates.

The user interface of the new Opera 11.5 browser is even more minimalistic than before. The UI keeps out of the way to give users the comfort of a larger screen canvas to enjoy pages on.

Now Opera 11.5 detects the missing plug-ins you might need and installs them without the need to restart the browser.

“Opera 11.50 features a faster browser engine with thousands of stability fixes, a faster software graphics engine and more of the latest and greatest in web technologies. New improvements include support for HTML5 properties such as the

Finally Opera has put up an interesting statistic that all in all 200 million users are using Opera in some way – Opera, Opera mini and Opera mobile.

Here’s a promo video detailing the new features of Opera 11.5.

You can get the latest Opera here.


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