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OneCloud from Box now available on Android’s recently released OneCloud platform, aimed at providing enterprise level cloud storage solutions, is now available to Android users.

OneCloud is designed to allow third-party app developers the ability to sync to a Box account from within their app, which eliminates the problems when trying to view files edited via a mobile platform in a desktop environment.

Box have partnered with some 50 Android developers to provide syncing from within their apps, including Open Office, Dolphin, iAnnotate and others. The company predicts that about 50% of its users access their cloud storage system from the Android platform, which can explain the push to make OneCloud more Android-friendly. has tried to find its niche amongst competitors like Dropbox and Google Drive, and seems to have struck a chord among enterprise users, as over 11 million users across 120,000 businesses now use its service. This amounts to an impressive 82% of Fortune 500 companies using the Silicon valley-based cloud storage provider.



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