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NVIDIA announces GeForce GTX 670

NVIDIA has announced the third graphics card in the Kepler series called the GeForce GTX 670. As you can tell, it sits below the current fastest single GPU graphics card, the GTX 680, and is priced a $100 less at $399. The GTX 670 is meant to compete against AMD’s Radeon HD 7950.

The GPU on the GTX 670 is the same 28nm GK104 GPU found on the GTX 680, except it is clocked slightly lower and certain features are toned down to get a slightly lower performance but at the same time, lower power consumption as well. The GTX 670 has 1344 stream processors against 1536 on the GTX 680, 112 texture units against 128 and 32 ROPs, which is same as on 680. The core clock speed has been reduced from 1006MHz to 915MHz and the boost clock from 1058MHz to 980MHz. Both cards have 2GB VRAM and 256-bit memory bus width. Thanks to all this down tuning, the GTX 670 has a TDP of 170W compared to 195W for the GTX 680.

So how does it perform? Well, AnandTech has some benchmark scores for us and unsurprisingly, the GTX 670 does very well. For a card that supposed to go against AMD’s 7950, the GTX 670 is often seen competing with the 7970. As AnandTech put it quite aptly in their review.

As it stands the worst case scenario for the GTX 670 is that it performs like a 7950 while the best case scenario is that it performs like a 7970. And it does this priced like a 7950[…]

However, they also mentioned that the 670 is so good that it is not much slower than the flagship single GPU 680, which makes the $100 price difference not really worth the extra performance you will be getting.

It looks like NVIDIA has another winner on its hands. Let’s hope they can come up with something good in the price range of $250-350 soon.

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