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Nvidia 3D Vision wired glasses make personal 3D gaming and movie watching more affordable

Computex 2011 saw the unveiling of Nvidia’s latest 3D glasses for their 3D Vision range. The complete package gives you the ability to play games and watch BluRay movies in full 1080p HD 3D.

Nvidia Vision wired glasses

3D Vision is probably the most well known consumer based 3D system available and the setup is fairly straight forward too. To start you need a compatible 120Hz monitor, (your 60Hz display isn’t going to cut it anymore I’m afraid) along with a compatible Nvidia graphics card and most importantly a set of Nvidia’s active shutter glasses. The original wireless pair sync via IR to a base station near your monitor but what Nvidia have just done is help cut the cost of this whole ecosystem with a simple alteration to these glasses.

The new 3D Vision specs use a 10-foot USB (2.0) cable which supplies them with both data and power, doing away with batteries and the need for the IR base station. Nvidia hope they’ll draw in more adopters of 3D Vision this way, both in the home and in places like iCafés. The wired glasses will retail for the lower price of $99, compared to the wireless setup which costs around $149, so not too bad considering the cost of other active shutter specs (minus the graphics card and the compatible monitor). Nvidia say the new glasses will be on sale in “late June”, so keep an eye out, or two, for when they hit.



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