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Nokia’s Z Launcher gets widget support

Nokia’s post-Microsoft foray into Android apps began with the Z Launcher, a launcher that is built entirely around the less is more principle. The dev team took it slightly too far though and there was no support for Android widgets – until now that is and this was the most requested feature.

The team still stayed true to their mantra in how the widgets were integrated.

If you’ve never used it, Z Launcher learns which apps you use throughout your day and offers them on the homescreen. If you don’t see the one you need, just scribble the first letter of its name and it will show up. The traditional list of all apps is also available as a pane on the right.

Now there’s a new pane, on the left, which holds your widgets. They get the screen all to themselves (there are no app shortcuts here) and can be resized if you want to fit more.

You can download Z Launcher (it’s still in beta) from the Google Play Store. The launcher is used on the Nokia N1 tablet out of the box.

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