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Nokia’s Treasure Tag locator gets pictured

There’s word of an upcoming accessory from Nokia that pairs with your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC and lets you locate anything it’s attached to.

Today, pictures of the accessory, called Treasure Tag, have surfaced, giving us a glimpse as to what it’ll look like.

Treasure Tag can pair with any Windows Phone-powered Lumia smartphones that have received the GDR2/Amber update, which updated the OS with support for Bluetooth LE/Smart. As shown, the device will come with a loop strap to attach it to various items, like car keys.

Lumia users can then track the Tag with a special Windows Phone application, and even display its location on a map. You can also locate the phone Treasure Tag is attached to by holding down a button on the device, which will trigger a sound on the phone if it’s within range. We are not sure if that’s the “pretty special” accessory that Nokia is expected to announce at its October 22 event, but frankly we are hoping to see something a bit more exciting.

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