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Nokia’s HAAC recording technology allows you to record audio with great sound quality

Nokia’s recent innovation known as High Amplitude Audio Capture (HAAC), allows you to record audio in noisy locations and then reproduce the audio with minimal background noise.

The novelty behind the High Amplitude Audio Capture is a microphone with two different sensitivity levels for recording. Later, the dual channel combines to give a broad dynamic range that sounds clear even if the audio is recorded with lots of distortion.

Nokia’s HAAC recording technology can record up top 140 decibels without any audible distortion, while most of other smartphones find it hard when noise levels go beyond 110 decibels.

Nokia’s HAAC technology, which is fit into a microphone

The latest technology from the Finnish manufacturer can be implemented in two ways – HAAC with a single membrane, where the part of the microphone vibrates when the sound is passed through it – much like a role played by a human ear – and HAAC with two membranes, where one membrane is more sensitive than the other.

The latest HAAC technology is currently found in most of the Nokia Lumia smartphones that run Windows Phone 8 OS.



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