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Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type pays us a visit, here’s what the first touch S40 UI looks like

It’s not every day we give a special attention to an S40 handset, but Nokia X3-02 really deserves it. Besides being Nokia’s first touch-enabled phone from the S40 series, X3-02 is perhaps among the most beautiful ones too.

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type is available in White Silver, Dark Metal, Petrol Blue, Pink and Lilac. We have the White Silver version and it’s been great so far.

Nokia X3-02 offers more than just a touch-enabled S40 UI. The whole software is nicely thumb-optimized and uses bigger fonts. But it doesn’t end there. The S40 firmware ticking inside the X3-02 supports Xvid video playback and the handset even offers USB-on-the-go allowing you to connect a USB flash drive or a Nokia phone and browse their file content.

But enough talking, here is our demo video.

You can expect our in-depth review of Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type soon.


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