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Nokia releases three DNG color profiles for Adobe Lightroom

After enabling RAW shooting support for the Lumia 1020 and 1520 with the Lumia Black update Nokia is now helping those that use it to get better results with Adobe Lightroom.

DNG stands for Digital Negative and is basically a file containing all the information that the sensor has captured (rather than the JPEG images which use lossy compression) and give you more options in post processing. The DNG file has its own color profile and you can tinker with it in order to get interesting or more accurate results but to save you time Nokia has released three color profiles that can be inserted straight into Adobe Lightroom.

The three color profiles are compatible only with Lightroom and are flash, flourescent and daylight-halogen. The image above shows the flash profile in action. Users can still create their own profiles in Lightroom but Nokia has helped enthusiasts with their workflow quite significantly with those profiles.

The benefits of the color profile are saving you the manual effort to get the colors right (it can be pretty tricky). In the sample image the default option results in unhealthily yellow skin tones, while the flash color profile has applied the warmer, truer to life skin tones – the difference is obviously quite notable.

You can download the color profiles for Adobe Lightroom from the source below.

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