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Nokia releases a new version of the S40 web browser

Good news for all S40 fans – you haven’t been forgotten. Nokia has just released a new 2.0 version of the S40 Nokia Browser.

The major update brings faster web browsing, new user interface, easier sharing, better media handling, etc.

So, the new Nokia Browser 2.0 is capable of reducing the data usage by up to 90% thanks to cloud-acceleration services. This means a lot faster loading times and overall cheaper internet access.

The new browser also brings new intuitive user interface, even better web app support and media handling enhancements plus background downloads, easy sharing to social networks, etc.

Nokia Browser v2.0 is supported by all of the most recent S40 devices (touch and non-touch) including the entire Asha lineup. It supports 87 languages. You can get it from the Nokia Store on your phone or from this link.



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