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Nokia Pro Camera on the Lumia 920 produces images with a yellow hue?

After Nokia rolled out the Amber update, adding the Pro Camera app on the higher-end Lumias (920, 925 and 928) some Lumia 920 owners are reporting on Reddit that their phones have an unusual yellow hue on their images.

The reportedly hue appears when taking pictures with the Nokia Pro Camera and not the regular one.

Nokia hasn’t addressed the issue as of now, so we don’t know if all Lumia 920 units are affected, and if the issue is also present on other Lumia smartphones to get the app.

Due to some processing issue the images also lose some of their sharpness and look considerably softer than those captured with the regular camera app.

However keep in mind that one of the images (namely the one with the hue) is a screenshot of the Pro Camera app in action, which could mean that the softness is only a result of the viewfinder getting lower-res stream, and not present in the final image.

We’ll be on the lookout for more details.

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