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Nokia Ovi Store gets a major upgrade – auto app updates, recommendations, reviews and refined charts

The Ovi brands days might be numbered, but it’s good to see the Store ones aren’t. A Store update will roll out for all Symbian^3 and S60 devices next week and will bring tons of new (and much needed!) features.

Ovi Store updates

The first and most important one is the app updates. Those will work the same way as in the Apple’s AppStore – from now on you will automatically get a notification of any pending updates. Finally!

Beside the app updates, Nokia also refined the Top Free and Best Seller charts. Now they will show the top apps for your device only, not all S60/ Symbian^3 smartphones.

Another new feature is Related Items – it works as expected – “Users who downloaded this app also downloaded:” list of apps.

The new charts and related items

Finally, there is Arabic localization for the S60 Store clients.

I know it’s late, but still the Ovi Store is headed in the right direction. I know many of you think Symbian has sunk, but let’s not scratch off this OS just yet.



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