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Nokia N9 gets rooted with the just-released Inception tool

The MeeGo-running Nokia N9 is much beloved by its owners, but it seems that it wasn’t quite the Linux-powered phone that some hoped it would be. Those people like to pick and choose their software components (including stuff like kernel modules) and now they can.

They can use the newly released tool – called Inception – to root their N9 and disable the Aegis security system. Here’s what you can do after using Inception that you can’t do with an un-rooted Nokia N9:

  • Customize system packages
  • Install kernel modules to enable stuff like USB host, VPN clients, better Wi-Fi hotspot, etc.
  • Mount any filesystem (remote filesystems with sshfs, encrypted partitions with TrueCrypt and so on).
  • Use community updates (like the ones N900 owners enjoy)

Getting into the mind of the Nokia N9 seems a pretty simple process but it carries some risks (as usual with these things). Check out the tool’s page for more info.



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