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Nokia might be looking to sell its maps business

It definitely looks like Nokia is in the midst of a major business restructure. After the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent was made official today, new information hints at an uncertain future for the Finnish company’s maps division.

The fact of the matter is, that in recent years Nokia has centered its business around network equipment and the respective research and development. And while the new tech orientation leaves a lot of nostalgic mobile fans in sorrow, the venture has been mostly profitable for Nokia and it is doing fairly well in the network realm.

The acquisition of rival Alcatel-Lucent constitutes another major move in Nokia’s business restructure and as a result, the fate of its HERE maps software and the team behind it is not entirely certain. To quote a recent company statement:

The Board of Directors of Nokia believes this is the right moment to assess the position of HERE within the proposed new Nokia business

There’s no decision to sell or not sell yet, but different estimations put the value of HERE maps between $4.68 billion and $7.34 billion, so this could very well be a lucrative transaction for Nokia and a strategic investment for a lot of companies of the mobile front.

What is your take on Nokia’s ongoing restructure and do you see the Finish company giving up its maps business any time soon?



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