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Nokia launches new commercials for the Lumia 900 and Lumia 710, along with a ton of other new videos

The Nokia Lumia 900 was officially announced at CES this year among those who attended the event but now it’s time for Nokia to reach out to a wider audience, which means making some new ads for the phone, which they have. Also being advertised is the Lumia 710 which has gone on sale in the US on T-Mobile’s network for $49.99.

The ads, especially for the Lumia 900, aren’t particularly new and are similar to the ones for the Lumia 800 but there will be a lot of people in North America who haven’t seen these and it makes little sense to create a completely different ad when the products themselves aren’t all that different.

Along with the two new ads, there are also some new videos featuring Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and the President of Nokia for North America Chris Weber. And then if you missed the event, there is also a video of the entire Nokia Lumia 900 launch event. So go grab some popcorn as this is going to take a while.



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