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Nokia confirms the display on the Lumia 900 isn’t PenTile

It’s common knowledge that the PenTile matrix layout is something you should ideally avoid if you want the absolute best image quality. Unfortunately, a large number of devices do ship with this display technology on-board, with Nokia’s Lumia 800 being one of them.

So when Nokia announced the Lumia 900, naturally everyone was curious as to whether the 900 carries over the same RGBG layout of the 800′s display. If it did, things would have gotten worse because the Lumia 900 has a larger display but with the same number of pixels, which means lower pixel density, where PenTile’s shortcomings become glaringly obvious.

Fortunately, Nokia has put everyone to rest by confirming that the display on the Lumia 900 does not use the PenTile matrix layout and instead goes with the traditional RGB. To confirm this, The Verge actually managed to take some close up shots of the Lumia 900 and compared them to those of the 800. Click on the source link to see for yourself how much difference it makes by having a proper RGB layout.



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