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Nokia Car Mode now available for download, gives you the in-car comfort you’ve always wanted

Nokia has just announced that its car mode app for Belle-running smartphones is now available for download. The software that makes your smartphone much easier to operate while you are driving has hit the Nokia Store and you can now download it directly from your Belle smartphone.

The Nokia software engineers have created two versions of the app. The first of them is called Nokia Car Mode and offers Nokia’s leading turn-by-turn navigation, as well as the overall smartphone experience into the car environment, while also bringing Nokia Drive, traffic updates, Nokia Music and voice calls while driving. This one is free to download.

The other version is called Nokia Car Mode with MirrorLink and all it does is throw in MirrorLink support to the mix. MirrorLink lets you connect your smartphone to your car infotainment system (as long as your car supports it) and control it without actually touching it. Strangely enough though, Nokia decided to price this version some good £17.99 (€19.99).

Still, chances are you don’t have a MirrorLink-enabled car just yet so the free version has all the functionality you might need. Now head to that Nokia Store icon and start downloading. Just don’t forget to drop us a line with your thoughts on the app once you manage to try it out.



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