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Nokia can transfer 5GB data in 11 seconds over LTE

Nokia and Korean mobile carrier, SK Telecom just partnered up to accomplish a pretty impressive technological feat.

They were able to transfer 5GB of data in just 11 seconds over SK Telecom’s LTE network.

Now this isn’t going to be indicative of everyday performance with SK Telecom, nor will these kind of data speeds be readily available to us mobile phone customers these days. Especially when you consider that there isn’t even a phone on the market that is capable of handling these speeds and not to mention data caps; this transfer would kill our entire month of data usage in a few seconds.

However, it’s interesting to know that Nokia and SK Telecom are able to perform such an amazing feat. The actual speed was clocked at 3.7Gbps, which blows the current, top of the line LTE networks 300Mbps speed out of the water.

It’ll be a long time before any of our mobile devices are capable of these kinds of speeds, but it’s nice to know that tech manufacturers are always looking into the future.

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