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Nintendo announces analog pad thingamajig, Misty Pink edition and 3D video recording for the 3DS

Continuing their efforts to woo handheld gamers (and failing spectacularly at it), Nintendo has announced one of the most awkwardly designed accessories known to mankind for their 3DS console. The add-on analogue pad doohickey is supposed to make up for the fact that Nintendo forgot to put one in while designing the 3DS.

The analog pad has its own pair of built-in AAA batteries and will even get a handful of games to makes itself useful, such as Monster Hunt 3 G, Biohazard Revelations, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, Acecombat 3D Cross Rumble, Dynasty Warriors VS and Kingdom Hearts 3D, starting November and into next year.

Along with this analogue abomination, Nintendo has also announced a Misty Pink variant, apparently targeted at women (who’d a thunk it?). Lastly, a firmware update slated for October will also add the ability to record 3D videos.

The analog pad will be sold in December 20 for ¥1,500 ($19.50) whereas the Misty Pink edition will be launched in October for the usual price.



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