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New version of NAVIGON MobileNavigator for iPhone is now available, brings true multi-tasking, new maps and a price cut

Navigon has updated their MobileNavigator for iPhone with iOS4 compatibility. The two major changes are the Retina display support and true multi-tasking capability.

Many people were wondering if there will be more apps for iPhone that support real multi-tasking instead of the regular fast-app switching. Well, Navigon’s MobileNavigator is among them.

Thanks to iOS4’s new features, the new version of MobileNavigator is capable of continuing the voice-guided navigation when you minimize the app to the background.

There are some new features too – Live Weather, parking information, maps updates and Retina Display support.

There is also a significant price cut for the next ten days. Unfortunately it’s only valid for USA and Canada. The full version of MobileNavigator now costs 50 US dollars instead of 80, while the regional ones go for 18 US dollars instead of 30.

It’s good to see the true multi-tasking has a green light for SatNav software. Let’s hope TomTom and iGo will launch similar updates soon.



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