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New ULV i3 and i5 Intel CPUs for ultra-thin laptops on the way

Intel is about to release new low-powered i3 and i5 processors to replace the Atom family within the ultrathin laptops.

The new chips are designed specifically for usage in ultra-thin and portable laptops – the niche between the standard laptops and the netbooks. They use 32-nanometer manufacturing process and pack just one core but are capable of handling two threads.

As usual for the i3 and i5 product family the new chips will have integrated graphic core. This combined with the more capable CPU, RAM and the bigger screen should allow the manufacturing of ultra-thin laptop with more power than a standard netbook in an equally compact shell.

The latest low-voltage i3 and i5 processor will be less-powerful than their standard siblings ($133-$292), which means they will cost less. The launch is scheduled for Q2 of this year.



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