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New top-secret photo-sharing Facebook app for the iPhone looks cool, could bring your social networking on iOS to a whole new level

It seems as though Facebook is in the making of a new app for iOS with some photo-sharing capabilities. Everyone who has used Facebook on his/hers iOS device knows that uploading a picture to the social network takes some extra unnecessary steps. Well this new super-secret app will supposedly give all of us the cure.

The guys over at TechCrunch are in possession of 50MB worth of insider photos and docs on this secret project and have kindly shared one with the world. That would be the one below. They say that much more is still to come, when they eventually sort all of it out. We’ll keep track to update should new developments become available.

It’s not certain if the new Facebook app will be a standalone one, integrated in the original or when it will actually land on iOS. Even the name could be in question and could possibly not be Facebook. We’ll have to wait and see but the guys at TechCrunch say it’s awesome looking.

This could be an answer to the whole “Apple giving Facebook the cold shoulder over Twitter” debacle.



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