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New Nokia Lumia 920 ad mocks the monochromatic iPhone 5

Nokia Germany has released a new ad for the Lumia 920 that follows in the footsteps of the recent Samsung ads and chooses to mock the iPhone as a way of advertising their own phone.

In this particular ad, Nokia chooses to highlight the lack of color options you get on the iPhone 5, compared to the Lumia 920. The video is nicely animated and doesn’t have much in the way of dialogues but still manages to get the message across. It basically shows a man in line with several other people (who all look the same) outside what is presumably the Apple Store. Once he goes inside he asks for a different color option, which makes everybody freak out. Disappointed, he steps out and looks around and sees people using phones in various colors. You then see the 920 with the new ‘This is Lumia’ tagline.

This ad is definitely more classy and subtle than Samsung’s knee-jerk, ad-hominem affair and does a good job of highlighting one of the key features of the new Lumia 920, the multi-color option, which is missing in a lot of phones these days and for no good reason. Still, even though the ad is nice, one can’t help but ask the question: where is the phone, Nokia?


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