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New Imgur iOS application offers browsing images in style

Most of you have surely used Imgur’s services for instant and easy image sharing. The platform has come a long way since it was lunched, back in 2009. Today, Imgur is so popular that it is no longer merely an image hosting solution, it is now more or less representative of image sharing trends online.

Imgur has been capitalizing on that and it’s growing into a social network, rather than a simple image hosting website. A very logical step to further aid this development is to target the ever-growing mobile community in a proper matter and Alan Schaaf, the company’s founder and CEO, feels they might have finally achieved that with their new iOS application.

The app just recently hit Apple’s App store and in the words of Alan himself:

It’s just absolutely beautiful and the best browsing experience for Imgur period, that exists.

The application is indeed very visually appeling, but it is still in its infancy, when it comes to features. Its goal is to provide users with a convenient way of browsing the most popular images on the platform at any given time. The main interface is an endless swipe-able succession of cards, each containing an image and a title, as well as controls for fast commenting, voting and sharing. This navigation scheme has become quite natural to modern smartphone users and deals away with the overwhelming effect large grids of photos, like the one on Imgur’s home page, usually have.

Other features that the app offers is browsing favourite images, as well as a random section with an ocean of new, constantly-updated images, if that is your thing. We can’t help but notice that there are no options for actually adding new content to Imgur from the app itself. Alan promised these options are on the way and commented that:

We started on the thing we thought was absolutely most critical, and that was the browsing experience.

This isn’t Imgur’s first attempt at entering the mobile realm. Back in 2013 they launched an application, which allowed browsing the image platform, but pulled it a few months later due to poor reception from users. It can still be found on Android, but Schaaf promised that it will soon be replaced by the new and improved version. Hopefully, this time around the online image giant will manage to get things right and find its permanent home on both iOS and Android.

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