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New Google Easter egg has you defending search results against invading ‘zerglings’

Google is well-known for its doodles, but the search Easter eggs are where the real fun starts (e.g. tilt, do a barrel roll). The latest of those shows up when you Google “zerg rush”, which leads to your search results being attacked by a swarm of angry O-s.

It’s up to you to defend the search results – it’s not quite Starcraft but the APM counter surely woke up some forgotten old habits and I started clicking on the O-s like mad.

Here, give it a try. Items on the search page have health bars, which will help you prioritize your defense.

Of course, the endless stream of O-shaped zerglings will eventually defeat you, but you can share your score on Google+ and see if at least you beat your friends.

And if you want to be on the attacking side, blowing web page elements to bits, you can try this Asteroids-like game.



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