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New Google Cardboard viewer supports devices up to 6″, iPhones too

Google Cardboard was introduced at last year’s I/O, this year it’s getting a refresh though not as big as you might have hoped. Still, the viewer was redesigned and it now supports devices with up to 6″ screens.

They are also easier to assemble, taking just three steps instead of twelve.

Part of that is that the magnet button was replaced by a cardboard one. I’m not 100% sure how it works, but Google promises it will work with more devices than the magnet button did.

On the software front, the Unity SDK used with Cardboard now supports iOS so iPhones can join in too.

Google is trying to push its VR viewer as an educational too, offering packs of viewers, phones and a tablet to schools. The tablet lets the teacher control the presentation, while kids experience Expeditions – crafted VR experiences with educational value.

By the way, Cardboard has been doing well for itself – it boasts 1 million users that have access to 500 apps.


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