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New ASUS MeMo Pad commercial features Santa

With the holiday season drawing closer the annual wave of Christmas-themed ads is coming steadily and instilling that particular cheery mindset that fuels shopping sprees. ASUS is definitely no stranger to the tradition and has just released a Christmas-flavored promotional video for its MeMo Pad.

The ad itself is as Christmasy as it gets with gifts, decorated trees, light and of course jolly old Saint Nick himself showing off the MeMo Pad’s performance. The video relies on a comparative pitching strategy in a pretty obvious, but naturally not straight-forward way. ASUS market the device as being “3x faster than competing quad-core tablets”, which in this case seems to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0. We see both tablets running the popular Android game Rival Knight with the MeMe Pad showing a clear advantage in performance.

The competitive bashing does not stop there but extends further with rather cheesy antics and flashy over-the top and even cluttered apparel on the part of the Samsung user, who also happens to be a “pretend” Santa Claus. This is an obvious stab at the “design over hardware” cliché, but sadly it seems to be the general tone of most commercials these days and it obviously sells and appeals to users. ASUS is sure to run similar commercials for most of its device lineup, or at least, as the video hints near the end, for the ASUS Zenfone and ASUS fonepad so expect more Santa-themed marketing this holiday season.



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