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Netbook Cr-48 specs revealed, Google kills 25 netbooks on video to show how good cloud computing is

There are two ways to tear down a Cr-48 netbook – the right one and the rough one. One user has already disassembled the first Chrome device and the insides are pretty much the same as I suspected.

But Google took the tear down to a whole new level. It destroyed brutally 25 Cr-48 netbooks in some crazy ways and shot the entire thing on video. Watch!

The purpose of this demonstration was to show us that no matter happens to our netbook, all of our data will be safe. It isn’t something we didn’t know from day one, but now I’m sure there will be no doubts.

The disassembled Cr-48 reveals an Atom N455 1.6GHz dual-core processor, 16GB SanDisk SSD and Hynix RAM chips (possibly 1GB). Perhaps the 16GB-only disk explains the incapability of dual-booting Chrome OS with Windows – there is not enough room for both.

Here are the pictures:

Google Cr-48 insides

Looks just like any other oversized netbook, right?

Anyway, the first retail devices will hit the shelves in mid-2011 and their specs might be surprisingly different from the Google’s test netbook.



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